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National Holiday's in Japan 2020 Guide

So after finally settling into your new home and work in Japan, you think, what next? We know moving to a new country and finding your routine is difficult, as an international team from all over the world at Homekuru, we understand how exciting yet different and overwhelming moving to a new country and starting a new life can be. Today we are going to give an overview of the national holidays in Japan. Probably something that has not crossed your mind yet, but it would be useful to know about it!

You may be used to the same set of national holidays from your home country, for example, from Christmas to Thanksgiving, it may come as a surprise that Japan does not have a national holiday set for these dates.

Before we list the holidays, here are some points to take note of:

1. Not all companies in Japan honor the said national holidays. Be sure to find out how your company stands with the national holidays so you are aware of your work arrangements and time off.

2. If you think it is a good idea to do some sightseeing during these dates, then think again, during the national holidays, tourist areas are more crowded than usual and if you are not a fan of crowds then maybe plan this for another day instead.

3. However, some zoos, museums, and parks may offer free entry during National holidays, hence the crowds…

4. If a public holiday falls on a Sunday then the following Monday will also be a national holiday.

5. Thinking of going back home for a visit? Plan this ahead of time as travel gets expensive during national holidays, keep an eye out on flights and hotels! Even planning to travel around Japan gets very expensive and ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) may be booked up for these days months in advance.

National Holidays 2020

What is Golden Week?

*Golden week - one of Japan’s busiest holiday season’s. It is a number of national holidays that join together consecutively between the end of April to the start of May. Making a long holiday for about 7 - 10 days off. However for the year 2020, the 30 & 31st of April are not national holidays, therefore if you would like to take advantage of the holidays and make it into a long break then it is something you should ask your employer about.

The Obon Festival

Lastly, another couple of days that you should be aware of is 13 - 15 Aug. Known as ‘Obon’ (also known as the ‘bon’ festival) it is an annual Japanese holiday where people commemorate and remembers deceased ancestors. It technically is not a national holiday, however many people during this time of the year will take holidays from work for this festival. Therefore just like golden week, public transport will be extra crowded and busy during these dates. Something to look out for when planning a trip or holiday in Japan.

Until next time on the ins and outs of living in Japan!

The Homekuru Team

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