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COVID-19: Useful Links for People Currently Living in Japan

With the world currently trying to tackle the novel covid-19, we at Homekuru understand how it can be a stressful period with many uncertainties and an overwhelming amount of news spreading around. We have compiled a list of useful links for foreigners in Japan who may be struggling to filter through all the information that has been spreading around the internet.

All the below links are in English.

Covid-19 Japan Map

Map showing number of Japan cases, detailed in showing the numbers in each part of Japan. Has clear indication of how many people are confirmed with the virus to numbers of tested and the recovered.

Metro Tokyo Advice

Information about the virus itself and advice on how to prevent the spread. At the bottom of the page you will find helpline information if necessary.

Updated Border Measures : Japan

Border measures being enforced. Information on the visa restrictions happening as of 00:00am 21st March (JST)

US Embassy in Japan Advice for US Citizens

US Embassy in Japan, with information for US citizens currently living in Japan.

Covid-19 Updates from US Embassy in Japan

Also from the US Embassy in Japan, there are updates on Covid-19 in Japan (all in English)

This page will be updated if any further useful links are sourced.

Please stay safe and take care!

From the Homekuru Team.

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